In a world of barber shop and salons on every corner, effective marketing strategies are integral to prevent your business from quickly losing its edge. No matter how excellent your services are, your business will not stand chance if people do not know about it.

We’ve gathered the top four marketing tips to run a successful barber shop or hair salon! Let’s dig in!

Maintain Your Social Media Activity
Social media platforms are one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to promote your business. All you have to do is just create a profile and post pictures and videos of your best work to build a portfolio.
This way, a variety of different will see what you can do and schedule an appointment the next time they need their hair done. Here are a few tips to level up your social media:

  • Hashtags : Add hashtags on every post using the most relevant keywords.
  • Reach Influencers: Provide local influencers with your services and ask them to share their experience.
  • Show Transformations: Always take a before and after picture or a video to display your work, and how you can bring beauty to another level.

Send Newsletters
Digital communication has become a big part of the process of building a successful business. If you plan to connect with your audience and build a long-lasting relationship, you should utilize email marketing. Now you must be wondering what can you send in these emails to market your business?
Let’s tell you:

  • Share tips and tricks on how to stay and care for different types of hair.
  • Share information about upcoming events.
  • Write about your favorite products.
  • Let the people know about upcoming sales or promotions.

Spread Your Brand’s Message
A unique, elegant, and eye-catching brand message can increase customer loyalty and build a strong voice for your salon or barber shop. Remember who your target audience is, and create an innovative brand message that they can connect with. Display this message in marketing materials by integrating the tag lines into:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Blogs
  • Logos
  • Social media posts
  • Portfolio
  • Business cards

Create a Social Tap Page
The last but most important step to market your business is to create a central hub for all your online content. Wondering how can you do it? The answer is simple! Use Social Tap! Social Tap makes it easy for your audience to have quick and easy access to your portfolio, socials, and more. So if you don’t have a website for your business, Social Tap is all you need.

On Social Tap you can:

  • Control your online presence.
  • Show valuable insights.
  • Update the your clients on location or hours.
  • Customize according to your brand.

‍‍In a nutshell, it can be tricky attracting new customers and building a client list. But with the right marketing strategies, you can experience growth. But with Social Tap, you’ll surely be on your way to making your dream of becoming a top stylist or barber come true.

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