Social Tap Card 5-Pack



Meet the powerful and handy Social Tap Card – becoming an everyday carry among professionals all around the world. This card will change how you connect with others and share information. Get ready for something amazing!

The Social Tap Card is made of a strong PVC material and uses the NTAG213 NFC chip that is compatible with all devices. It combines Social Tap features with a dynamic QR code, making it easy and fast to share information with people you meet.

With a simple tap of your Social Tap Card on the back of any compatible smartphone or by using the provided QR code you can share your Social Tap Page with a variety of information such as,

  1. Contact details, so you stay connected
  2. Social media profiles, keeping your networks engaged
  3. Instant file and video sharing, impressing your prospects
  4. Quick access to your websites, showcasing your brand
  5. Payment app links, facilitate seamless transactions

With the Social Tap Card 5-Pack, you have even more flexibility. Keep one with you, like having a card in your car, another at your office, and one in your pocket. Each card is unique to connect with any Social Tap account.

Card Dimensions:  85 x 54 mm, round corners

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Black, Red, White


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